Building a website? Don’t get duped.

The internet is a wonderful place, and you have a business.

It just makes sense to get a website built, and built quickly. It shouldn’t look horrible either, or that’ll drive customers away. Depending on the business needs, it should be easy to maintain and should scale with your business. But can you do it by yourself?!


-Josh G

So what is the solution? Should you get it built by someone or should you build it yourself? Here’s my recommendation:

Get something built. The best way to start is by just doing.

So… should you build it or should someone else?

You can use a variety of free website creation tools (WordPress , SquareSpace, Wix, Google) if you think you can build something that you’d like and would be polished. It wouldn’t take long to finish, depending on the size of your business. Make sure if you’re going to go about purchasing a domain name and hosting you use my referral link for BlueHost. They’re a great Hosting Platform, and provide you with a robust control panel and support that can get you up and running in no time!

If you don’t have the time to build the website, and would much rather have someone else manage it and/or build it, then make sure you find a reputable Website Designer with solid credentials and a portfolio that backs up what they’re selling you. Make sure their fees are upfront, and that the proposal (if one is given) outlines exactly what happens in the event of a dispute. If you don’t like something on the website, make sure you are given the flexibility to make the change. After all, it is your business.

But always remember, a true Web Designer spends every day looking up ways in which to attract an audience. If they’re trying to implement something or have something a certain way that may seem counter-intuitive, chances are it isn’t to hamstring your business. Also know that a Web Designer will always be open to questions, and if they’re not, make sure you pick up on that before you sign anything.  🙂


Once the website is finished:

Make sure you check for the following things when the website is almost ready to launch:


Google Web Fundamentals, Part 1 - Pulled from

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(all 4 boxes above pulled from


This is a good list of things to consider once the website is finished (in the short term, there are always long term implementations to be added!). By working alongside this list given by Google, we can make sure our website attracts and maintains a customer’s attention.


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