Is Job Searching dangerous now!?

Don't be deceived, criminals lurk in the strangest places.

This morning, during my job hunt for a full time gig, I came across an email that looked kind of wonky.

The email’s sender name was “Daniel Storm” but the email address was I thought “Hmm, odd that you would send me a PDF from an email not applicable to your own name, especially since it is a request for my services”.

The email went on to describe their ecstatic reaction to my resume. Apparently, I was their dream candidate.

After reading through the email, I immediately became skeptical. One, because no reputable business in the world would outright exclaim your accolades to your face and lose all bargaining power. Two, because after all of the flowery prose, there was a pdf attached to this email.

Now, if I were more naive I would have immediately opened this wonderful job opportunity. But I didn’t. Instead, I permanently deleted the email after using Microsoft Office’s preview function (in Outlook, go to View -> Reading Pane -> Right) which allowed me to look at the contents of the email without outright opening it.

Why did I delete it? Take a look below (click the image to view the full story):

This is a very common attack used by scammers and criminals to gain access to your computer. They will prey on innocent people looking for jobs, romance, etc.

Any time you post on the internet looking for attention, you will undoubtedly receive attention from people who aren’t the most “altruistic”.

This is a very important concept to keep in the back of your mind as you’re searching for a job, swiping left (or right? idk) on Tinder, or posting to your social media accounts. If there is a way for your email or social profile to end up on a bad guy’s list, just be aware of it.

“So, Josh, how do I protect myself against this craziness?”

Well, thankfully its very simple to keep yourself out of arms length of criminals and scammers. Follow these three simple steps while browsing the internet and it will help safeguard you from low down tricksters:

  1. Don’t click on links or open documents from a web site or email address you do not recognize or that looks disreputable.

    1. As addressed in the above info-graphic, the number one way for you to end up down a “dark alley” on the internet is to open links willy nilly. Often, the elderly and young children get duped. This is because they aren’t taught or well versed in cautious link clicking. If you think the link may be reputable, try to do some background research on the email/website before wading into the deep end.
  2. Make sure you have an anti-virus on your computer

    1. Most antiviruses, like AVG, will alert you to impending danger. AVG actually blocks malicious links already known on the internet. The best part, is that AVG is free to use. You can pay to upgrade certain features, but as it stands AVG’s free version is  pretty awesome.
  3. If you’re posting to social media, make sure you don’t give out all of your location details

    1. I included this step because, though it isn’t related to job searching, it is still super important. If you post your exact travel dates online, don’t be surprised when you get robbed during vacation. If you post all of your “habits” online, don’t be surprised when your employer finds out and fires you. All in all, make sure you’re remaining someone private on social media and the internet in general. It is very easy for people to piece together your life. I used to do it for a living.

I hope this article was informative. If you’re looking for a job, send me a message here and I will do my best to try and find some contacts for you!

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